Ruchir Gupta

Hi, I am Ruchir Gupta from Shakunsoft. Welcome to my website. If you are on this site, probably we already know each other. I am currently building this website. And TBH, this website will not be ready anytime soon because self promotion is my least priority.

Please note that my old phone number 8758075899 is closed forever since my new phone supports only 1 SIM Card. Feel free to reach me on my one and only number +919106598355 through Phone/WhatsApp.

If we don't already know each other, you are still welcome to contact me; but please read out these guidelines before you ping me:

  1. I prefer being contaced on WhatsApp more than phone calls. Please reach out to me on WhatsApp first because most of the time I don't pick up calls from unknown numbers.
  2. I don't reply to "Hi", "Hello" messages (even if you're a girl). Send me a message only if you have something important and relevant to discuss about otherwise you will feel that I am ignoring you because I really will.
  3. While chatting with me, if you send "Hmmmm", "Ok" or "👍🏻", I'll automatially assume that you want to end the conversation and I won't continue to chat whoever you are!
  4. Keep your messages short and simple. I usually archive all messages more than 4 lines long.
  5. If we don't know personally to each other, I am not interested in your "Good Morning", "Good Night", "Where are you?", "What doing?", "Had Dinner/Lunch?", "Reached Home/Office?" and "Happy < Festival Name> " types of messages. Don't send me any forwarded message, spam or links of any blog or video channel until I ask for that.
  6. Don't ask me for any monetary or financial help because I don't lend money or donate it to unknown people or any organization. I am not a philanthropist.
  7. I encourage you to contact me and I'd really be glad to know more about you if we are like-minded. But I talk very less.
  8. Once you send me a message, please have patience and wait for some time before I reply you because I have lots of other work of more priority in my to-do list to finish everyday. Even if I have read your message, sometimes I may take upto 24 hours to reply you back. Don't bombard me with "are you there?" or "???" types of messages.
  9. If you want to contact me because you came to know about me through social media (Facebook, LinkedIn or especially Quora) or friend circle and you got so impressed that you want to date me, be open and tell me directly because I don't make assumptions for anything that is not explicit and I am a very fast mover.
  10. If I am not answering your calls, don't waste your energy by calling me repeatedly! I will give you a callback only when I get free!

Thanks and Regards,
Ruchir Gupta